Dear Alpha Zeta Alumni,

The Alpha Zeta Alumni Association (AZAA) has been somewhat dormant since completion of the house renovation project but we’re still here and looking forward to gearing up our activities and rejuvenating our membership. We are undergoing a change in AZAA leadership and are moving the alumni chapter from the Little Rock area to the Northwest Arkansas area. Heath Ward, ’86 has been appointed as the new AZAA president. Heath resides in Springdale and formerly headed up the Monticello Corp. Those of us in the Little Rock area will continue to be active and function in an advisory/sounding board capacity for the new leadership.

The NWA area is home to many younger AZ alums that we hope will become active in AZAA and provide much needed younger leadership. Close proximity between AZAA and the Chapter undergrads should also allow for better communication and action as appropriate. In addition to recruiting new leadership, Heath has plans to update and improve our website so that it can become a more useful tool in communicating and networking with all AZ alums.

In order to get the ball rolling we are asking all AZ alums (and undergrads) to contribute $75 to be designated as 2019 AZAA dues and funding for a fitting memorial to Bill Brady, combined. The memorial will be appropriately displayed in the Chapter House. As you know, Bill Brady, recently deceased, was the driving force behind the house renovation project. In case you don’t remember what the new house looks like I have included a couple of photos taken shortly after completion. I dare say without Bill the project would not have happened, so we owe him a large debt of gratitude for his time and effort. You can read more about Bill in the current edition (Winter 2018) of the Shield & Diamond (memorial section).

A request for AZAA dues has not been made since the house renovation project completion (2015) so, needless to say, our operating funds are running very low. We sorely need your financial and moral support in order to fulfill our mission in support of the Chapter. As previously mentioned, a portion of the dues will be allocated for the Bill Brady memorial so all who pay dues will also be contributing to the Brady memorial.

Enclosed with this mailing you will find the 2018 Financial Report and 2019 Dues Invoice. This financial report brings you up to date from the last one reported to you in 2015. In the spirit of transparency, we want you to know how your money is spent and that we strive to be the best stewards that we can be, in keeping with our mission.

On behalf of AZAA, I wish good health, happiness, and a prosperous new year to all.

In The Bonds,

Larry Cargile ‘61