We had the big summer bid day party at my parent’s house on Lake Hamilton around 1978. There were 125 in the group picture. It was an 8 keg affair, and it was intense. We managed to sink the boat dock, etc. At about 9 pm, I was exhausted and lying down when the phone rang. Everyone was staying at the Lake Hamilton Holiday Inn, and they wanted to know if we had a keg left. I said yes and loaded the last one in the car and took it to them. They actually ended up riding the keg in the pool like it was a bucking bronco, and opening the tap to drink beer from it, as the sun rose.


There were 2 Pikes and 2 females that rode up the elevator together that morning. When they got off, a father and son were standing at the door, waiting to get on the elevator. As the 4 walked down the hall, Scott S. heard the father say, “You better remember this, because you will probably never see anything like it again.”


Fast forward about 7 years. My wife and I had just arrived in Venice, Italy (by train, and mid-morning), and we were standing in a line to check our bags, so we could walk and boat around until we could check into our hotel. Two men were standing in line behind me, and one said, “I know you. You live in Hot Springs, don’t you?” I said yes and he said, “You’re an attorney, aren’t you? I said yes and then he stated: “We were at your party!” They had just finished their MBA programs and were “taking the tour” while they were still students and didn’t care much about staying in 4 star hotels. Moral: My parties have been talked about around the world! David Love ’73