Brothers and Friends of AZ Chapter:

We are pleased to report that the design phase of the Pike House Project has been completed and that demolition and reconstruction is set to begin on August 1st.  When this project is finished, it will have no peer on the University of Arkansas campus.  And, to your credit, it will be owned by the fraternity and not the University.  PiKA will be one of the few fraternities that can make that statement and will be the only one with a brand new, world class facility located in a choice spot on Arkansas Avenue.

We hope to have the project completed with students back in residence by the fall semester of 2012.  We are installing a plaque at the entrance in easy view to all who come to live in or to visit the Pi Kappa Alpha House. It will read:


Although this property is under the authority of the U of A, this project was privately developed, funded and built through the hard work and generosity of the brothers and friends of Alpha Zeta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha.

Enjoy your time here.
Develop your full potential here.
Go from here to make a difference in your
chosen field, your state and your country.
Serve the common good.
Cherish and protect this facility.
Leaved it for your future brothers in as good
of shape as you found it.
In the bonds of phi phi k a.

The words on this plaque clearly reflect what those working on and contributing to this project feel about it.  The bonds of our fraternity run deep and last a lifetime, don’t they.

As you may know, we have not yet reached the goal of our Alumni Capital Campaign, but we are within reach.  Hopefully, this will be our last appeal to you to become a stakeholder in the new Pike House Project.  We urge you to make a commitment now, a donation, a pledge or an increase of a previous donation.  This project is going to happen, big time, under budget and on time.  Surely you will want to be recognized and remembered as a participant in this most worthy project.